Down With Rudy G

by Rudy's Digital Nightmare

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This album takes a departure from the first album "In the Beginning".
It departs more from the rock roots of the original album. Only few of the songs have vocals. More based on electronic sound and experimentation mixed with danceable tracks. It's almost as if the artist said "FUCK IT!" I don't give a shit anymore. Here is a drum beat, a rhythm, and some weird sound effects. I don't feel like singing because I can't sing anyway. Just dance or shit your pants. I don't care. Leave me alone! And henceforth, the album "Down With Rudy G" was born. Recommend that you do copious amounts of drugs before listening as this album is more trippy then the first.


released September 1, 2000

Rudy's Digital Nightmare is : Rudeboy_OZ,.
Vocals and Keys: Rudeboy_OZ



all rights reserved


Rudy's Digital Nightmare Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Big Rude Boy
Berklee isn’t easy to get out alive.
You either sink or swim. Only the strong survive.
I’m an MP&E Major. That’s recording engineering.
The music’s too damn loud and I’m losing all my hearing.
They keep me up at night, and I don’t get any sleep.
Then I miss all my classes and I’m feeling like a creep.
They throw me in the ocean and don’t provide a boat.
They think I’m made of shit. As if I’m gonna float.

Chorus: I love it when they call me Big Rude Boy.
You down with Rudy G ? Yeah you know me!

I’m living in the dorms. We’re all cramped in together.
The rooms, how should I put it? Well, lets just say I’ve seen better.
Three people in one room. We don’t kill or steal or rob.
But one guy is a smart ass. Well me? I’m just a slob.
The other is a quiet boy, who comes from the south.
And he has a redneck friend with teeth missing from his mouth.
And I think it’s so ironic, they haven’t shot me with a gun.
But don’t get your hopes up. The term has just begun, at Berklee.


Berklee. Let me break it down for you.
Sitting in my room, just chilling with my crew.
Just then I get a call, and they aint playing tricks.
“You’ve got another session, from 12AM to 6”.
I run into the store, at night in pouring rain.
The clerk gives me a wink, cause she knows just why I came.
Another cup of coffee cause I’m kind of feeling dead.
There goes another night I won’t sleep in my bed.


I run into the studio. I’m ready and I’m willing.
Where the hell is my assistant? I think I’m gonna kill him.
In the middle of recording on the 27th take,
The guitarist’s hand starts bleeding. Ok lets take a break.
15 minutes later, I’m looking all around.
Where is my fucking singer? He’s nowhere to be found.
I walk back in the studio. I think I’m gonna cry.
The drummers on the mic. The singers getting high.


2 weeks have gone by. Now it’s time to mix it.
Well if it aint broken, then don’t try and fix it.
That’s hardly ever the case, cause I have a lot to do.
And very little time. From 12AM to 2.
Ah ah ah…. Why’d I do that? I need to fatten up the bass.
Put some reverb on the vocals to add a little space.
Inverted phase delay?! That’s kind of complex.
Do I really need to use 125 effects? I don’t think so.

Well, that’s what it’s like living at Berklee.
And you know? There aint no magic like studio magic.
I try not to get caught up in the lunacy, but it’s kind of hard. You know?
You may ask, why we do it? Because we love it.
And we wouldn’t have it any other way. So I’ll just keep getting my groove on…….until I go insane.