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Humankind, will never know the price. For knowledge, and life supporting lies.
It’s diabolical. It’s misguiding. It’s reckless. Yet so inviting.

Chorus: As shadows collide, conformation will sever. Then mankind will learn when to never say never.
I’ve cried with the saints and I’ve laughed with the devil. Now what will it take me to reach the next level.
I can’t go back but I’ll always remember. I will not break and I’ll never surrender.
Oh you will try to appease me so tender. But you will regret it, cause I won’t surrender to you.

The human race, can’t differentiate. From curiosity, and eternal fate.
It’s psychological. It’s conniving. It’s biological. Yet so delighting.


The human soul, will never learn its place. Among the earthbound, and a higher race.
It’s unbelievable. It’s deluded. It’s unconceivable. Yet so eluded.


The human mind, will never comprehend.
That every day is the, beginning to the end.
It’s unspoken. It’s so definite.
Is it a token? To the infinite?!!


End: Cause I can never go back.
(I am the speaker of truth. I am the herald of the dammed.)


from In The Beginning, released January 1, 2000



all rights reserved


Rudy's Digital Nightmare Houston, Texas

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