John Got Bored (So He Blew Up The World)

from by Rudy's Digital Nightmare

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I was talking to my friends and we simply tried to guess,
About what would ever happen if someone blew up U.S.
Just then my good friend John, went into the next room.
About 5 seconds later, we heard a big KABOOM.
I though that it was over, there was nowhere left to run.
But not for John the cleaver. The fun had just begun.
He thought it was the world. I said “No. It’s just our nation”.
He went and pressed a button. France went on Vacation.

Chorus: John got Bored so he blew up the world.

John was far from finished. This really turned him on. Before I even noticed, Ireland was gone.
China quickly followed. Cuba met its fate. I barely blinked an eye. And John took out Kuwait.
India came next. Poland wasn’t here. “Now for my next trip, I’ll make Russia disappear”.
John gave me a wink, as he flicked another switch.
Could not believe my eyes. Spain was just a ditch.

Chorus: John got bored so he blew up the world.

John wasn’t quite finished. He still had one more plan.
He didn’t like their business. So waved goodbye Japan.
Japan was not enough. He needed to do more. He flicked another button. And we lost Singapore.
Then everything was quiet. You could hear a pin drop.
John flattened out the world, in about 5 minutes top.
I then asked John the cleaver. “Do you have any regrets”?
He said “None whatsoever. Now where are my cigarettes?”

Chorus: John got bored so he blew up the world.


from In The Beginning, released January 1, 2000



all rights reserved


Rudy's Digital Nightmare Houston, Texas

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