In The Beginning

by Rudy's Digital Nightmare

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Rudeboy_OZ's first album. Completely synthesized, but keeps its roots within moderate rock with an edgy feel and industrial and pop influence. The album pokes fun of it's own genre. Cynical, sarcastic, and a journey through the human condition, Rudy's Digital Nightmare makes it clear that Rudeyboy_OZ does not care about you. And unlike what Mr. Rogers said, you are not and never will be SPECIAL. So get over yourself.


released January 1, 2000

Rudy's Digital Nightmare is - Rudeboy_OZ.
Rudeboy_OZ - Keys, Vocals
Special Guest: Eric Tajcher's provided guitar riffs for samples on "Day by Day"



all rights reserved


Rudy's Digital Nightmare Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Humankind
Humankind, will never know the price. For knowledge, and life supporting lies.
It’s diabolical. It’s misguiding. It’s reckless. Yet so inviting.

Chorus: As shadows collide, conformation will sever. Then mankind will learn when to never say never.
I’ve cried with the saints and I’ve laughed with the devil. Now what will it take me to reach the next level.
I can’t go back but I’ll always remember. I will not break and I’ll never surrender.
Oh you will try to appease me so tender. But you will regret it, cause I won’t surrender to you.

The human race, can’t differentiate. From curiosity, and eternal fate.
It’s psychological. It’s conniving. It’s biological. Yet so delighting.


The human soul, will never learn its place. Among the earthbound, and a higher race.
It’s unbelievable. It’s deluded. It’s unconceivable. Yet so eluded.


The human mind, will never comprehend.
That every day is the, beginning to the end.
It’s unspoken. It’s so definite.
Is it a token? To the infinite?!!


End: Cause I can never go back.
(I am the speaker of truth. I am the herald of the dammed.)
Track Name: Morphin' High Speed Chase
When the day is gone, and night begins. And shadows search your next of kin.
The engine roars. You’re flying high. One things for certain. You’re gonna die.
Got what it takes, keep up the pace, or don’t show your face.
It’s the morphin’ high-speed chase!

Chorus: The morphin’ high-speed chase. (You’re gonna die)

The fire burns. You feel the flame. You don’t care nothing about the fame.
You mother fuckers, come take a ride. I’d like to welcome you, to your suicide.


That’s right motherfucker. How does it feel like to….stare death in the face?!
At the end it doesn’t matter. We all end up in the same place.
Wanna take a ride with me?!
Track Name: Broken Tears
Sitting here at home. Sitting all alone. Don’t know what to do. My thoughts betray me too.

Chorus: My world is like a twisted maze. My life is more than just a phase.
What have I done all these years. I can’t mend my broken tears.

I cover up my eyes. I still see my demise. And my one and greatest sin, are my demons from within.


One day you’ll understand. When the time is close at hand. And the ones who love you true.
Are those who say fuck you.


Your insecurity, is not that hard to see. The truth may set you free. But it…imprisons…me.
Track Name: I Don't Care
When a new day begins, I sit and think to myself.
That all the people surrounding me, think they’re surrounded by wealth.
And as the day goes by, everyone’s staring at me.
You might say that I’m paranoid. But there’s really nothing to see.

Chorus: But it’s known, that the truth, will be shown. And I see, part of me, mystery.
I don’t know, where to go, but I do. I’m aware, I don’t care, about you.

Can Iron really turn to gold. Only alchemists know.
And if they ever find the cure, would anyone really go.
Do you have a grip on reality. Are you too numb to despair.
Is fate really a luxury, and if it is do you care.


And as the night goes by, conglomerations arise.
I feel the power of profound truths, distorting to lies.
Do you think you’re so original. Just take a look at yourself.
You’re average!! There’s nothing wrong with you. So why don’t you go to hell.
Track Name: Day by Day
As lazy days collapse, I know I can’t be living in the past.
And everything I thought was true, was not. And so I dreamt a different view.
Leave me in the corner. Come back in the morning. Tell me it’s ok. It makes no difference anyway.
All of my desires, light my heart on fire. Mission to acquire. I take it day by day.

“ So I see you walking down the street. And I don’t know what to say.
I’m kind of a shy guy, you know. I’ve always been that way.
Hmm so what should I tell you? I don’t know. Maybe sweet nothings in your ear? I guess.
Oh I know. I’ll tell you things. I tell you things you want to hear. Like….”

Hey beautiful girl you’ve got a beautiful smile.
I wanna take you home with me and do you doggy style.
I’m a sincere and sensitive guy. But I’m sure you already know.
I’ll be your knight in shinning armor. You can be my ho.

Leave me in the corner. Come back in the morning. Tell me it’s ok. It makes no difference anyway.
All of my desires, light my heart on fire. Mission to acquire. I take it day by day.

Yeah baby. You might say that I’m crazy. Cause I’m the kind of guy who wants it all.
The money, power, fortune, fame, the Emmys, Grammies, gold, the babes, the drugs, the hookers, ho’s.

And now I see. That it’s my destiny. No one else, can even come close to me.
In my world. That’s my philosophy. You all suck. Cause you’re all wannabe’s.
Track Name: John Got Bored (So He Blew Up The World)
I was talking to my friends and we simply tried to guess,
About what would ever happen if someone blew up U.S.
Just then my good friend John, went into the next room.
About 5 seconds later, we heard a big KABOOM.
I though that it was over, there was nowhere left to run.
But not for John the cleaver. The fun had just begun.
He thought it was the world. I said “No. It’s just our nation”.
He went and pressed a button. France went on Vacation.

Chorus: John got Bored so he blew up the world.

John was far from finished. This really turned him on. Before I even noticed, Ireland was gone.
China quickly followed. Cuba met its fate. I barely blinked an eye. And John took out Kuwait.
India came next. Poland wasn’t here. “Now for my next trip, I’ll make Russia disappear”.
John gave me a wink, as he flicked another switch.
Could not believe my eyes. Spain was just a ditch.

Chorus: John got bored so he blew up the world.

John wasn’t quite finished. He still had one more plan.
He didn’t like their business. So waved goodbye Japan.
Japan was not enough. He needed to do more. He flicked another button. And we lost Singapore.
Then everything was quiet. You could hear a pin drop.
John flattened out the world, in about 5 minutes top.
I then asked John the cleaver. “Do you have any regrets”?
He said “None whatsoever. Now where are my cigarettes?”

Chorus: John got bored so he blew up the world.
Track Name: Bonnie
My Bonnie flies over the ocean. My Bonnie flies over the sea.
My Bonnie flies over the ocean. Please bring back my bonnie to me.

She left me long ago. Because she was a ho. She liked to put on a show.
And she left me on skid row.

I took her to the movies. Yeah. I took her on a date. I told her mom, I’d have her home by 10.
But I brought her back real late. Her dad, he got pissed off. He tried to blow my head off.
And Bonnie thought I was a geek. Cause she was my flavor of the week.

This song has no more lyrics. I couldn’t find the time. These words, they have no more meaning.
The only point is for them to rhyme.
Now you may think I’m a loser. But now, don’t get me wrong. But aren’t you the fool who’s paying to hear this stupid song.
Track Name: The Blockbuster Song
Welcome to Blockbuster. May I help you?